9 Blueberry Summer Desserts

Feb 12, 2018


Welcome to Reflection Living's collection of 9 delectable blueberry summer desserts. If you are a fan of blueberries and love indulging in sweet treats, you've come to the right place. Our experts have carefully curated a selection of dessert recipes that perfectly capture the flavors of summer and the natural goodness of blueberries.

1. Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

Create a tempting treat with our blueberry cheesecake bars. These delightful bites combine a creamy cheesecake filling with a sweet blueberry topping. The perfect balance of tangy and sweet, these bars will leave you craving for more.

2. Blueberry Cobbler

Enjoy a classic blueberry cobbler that showcases the fresh flavors of blueberries. With a golden crust and a warm, gooey blueberry filling, this dessert is a must-try for any blueberry lover. Serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an extra touch of indulgence.

3. Blueberry Pie

Indulge in a homemade blueberry pie that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey. Our flaky crust perfectly complements the sweet and juicy blueberry filling. Each bite is bursting with the natural flavors of this summer fruit.

4. Blueberry Muffins

Start your morning on a sweet note with our homemade blueberry muffins. These tender and moist muffins are filled with juicy blueberries, creating a delightful burst of flavor in every bite. Enjoy them fresh out of the oven or as a delicious afternoon snack.

5. Blueberry Scones

Indulge in the irresistible taste of our blueberry scones. These buttery pastries are loaded with juicy blueberries and are perfect for a leisurely brunch or afternoon tea. Pair them with a cup of hot coffee or tea to complete your experience.

6. Blueberry Pancakes

Elevate your breakfast with our fluffy blueberry pancakes. These pancakes are light, airy, and filled with bursts of blueberry goodness. Drizzle them with maple syrup and top with additional blueberries for a delightful morning treat.

7. Blueberry Parfait

Satisfy your sweet cravings with our refreshing blueberry parfait. Layered with creamy yogurt, fresh blueberries, and crunchy granola, this dessert is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Enjoy it as a light and healthy dessert or as a snack on-the-go.

8. Blueberry Ice Cream

Cool off on hot summer days with our homemade blueberry ice cream. Made with luscious blueberries and creamy vanilla ice cream, this frozen delight is a perfect balance of fruity and creamy flavors. Treat yourself to a scoop or two, and experience a burst of refreshing sweetness.

9. Blueberry Smoothie

Start your day with a nutritious and flavorful blueberry smoothie. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this refreshing beverage is the perfect way to kick-start your morning. Blend together fresh blueberries, yogurt, and a hint of honey for a smoothie that is both satisfying and energizing.


Thank you for exploring Reflection Living's selection of 9 blueberry summer desserts. We hope you find these recipes inspiring and indulge in the incredible flavors of blueberries. From cheesecake bars to smoothies, there's a blueberry treat for every occasion. Impress your family and friends with these delicious desserts that celebrate the essence of summer. Happy baking!

Geoff Fischer
These desserts are making me drool! 😍 I can't wait to try them all! 🤤🍨
Nov 8, 2023
Andrew Sternthal
These desserts look amazing!
Oct 12, 2023